Transforming health and well-being in Africa: embracing a cultural context to Shape a Striving Society and Improving Healthcare Services in Africa

Author: Uchegbu Henry Favour Health and well-being in Africa are influenced by various factors that are unique to the continent, including culture, society, countries, and regions. African culture emphasizes communal living and interconnectedness, where an individual’s well-being is closely intertwined with the community’s welfare. A holistic approach to healthcare is an essential aspect of wellness […]

The way forward: Addressing the Incessant Military take over of power in Africa

Photo credit: MC2 Kelly Onteverios, CJTF-HOA Public AffairsDjibouti: U.S. Army Africa Soldiers offer first responder course 090806 Author: Lateef Madoti Out of at least 486 attempted or successful military coups that have been carried out globally since 1950, Africa has recorded the largest number with over 214, of which at least 106 were successful. Based on data […]

Migration is a win-win situation for Africa and the Rich world

  African Immigrants at the airport: (AI-Generated) When China’s one-child policy was first announced in 1979, it was with full knowledge of the future that the conditions that necessitated the policy would be ephemeral. It is ubiquitous knowledge that population growth increases density and, together with rural-urban migration, this creates higher urban agglomeration which is […]