Pathways to safeguarding free speech in Africa

-from “Nelson Mandela: The World’s Most Beloved Statesman.” Author: Adam Sulaiman ‘’Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.’’ Those were the words of Ben Franklin that should reverberate in the mind of every African leader who curtails their subjects’ constitutional right to freedom of expression.  The […]

The way forward: Addressing the Incessant Military take over of power in Africa

Photo credit: MC2 Kelly Onteverios, CJTF-HOA Public AffairsDjibouti: U.S. Army Africa Soldiers offer first responder course 090806 Author: Lateef Madoti Out of at least 486 attempted or successful military coups that have been carried out globally since 1950, Africa has recorded the largest number with over 214, of which at least 106 were successful. Based on data […]

From Taboo to Education: Can a witchcraft curriculum help redeem Africa’s cultural identity?

Ifa Divination tray & tools | Sasha Cobra Author: Felix Wisdom Onyedikachi So recently, I stumbled across a post on a particular blog, and I couldn’t help but smile at the headline that halted my endless scrolling at that moment. Apparently, a Nigerian professor was advocating the introduction of a “Department of Witchcraft” and a […]