Exchange rate fluctuations are forcing multinationals out of the Nigerian market

Author: Aduaka Chinweokwu Judith The fluctuating Nigerian exchange rate has persistently posed a significant challenge for many years, perpetually depicting the Nigerian Naira as relatively weak compared to other global currencies. In this essay, the focus is on elucidating the adverse effects of this currency fluctuation on multinational corporations operating in Nigeria. MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS IN NIGERIA […]

What does the current Investment landscape look like in Nigeria?

Lagos, Nigeria: Spiegel Often referred to as the “Giant of Africa,” Nigeria has always presented opportunities for investors. With its vast natural resources, growing population, and strategic location, the country has attracted both domestic and foreign investors seeking to capitalize on its potential. However, in recent years, there has been a noticeable trend of investors […]

Migration is a win-win situation for Africa and the Rich world

  African Immigrants at the airport: (AI-Generated) When China’s one-child policy was first announced in 1979, it was with full knowledge of the future that the conditions that necessitated the policy would be ephemeral. It is ubiquitous knowledge that population growth increases density and, together with rural-urban migration, this creates higher urban agglomeration which is […]

Tourism: Is Rwanda really worth the hype?

Travelers tracking majestic Silverback gorilla: Butterfield  Rwanda is fast becoming one of Africa’s economic powerhouse despite its relatively small population, the mountainous country is situated in central Africa and its beautiful landscapes are green and encompassed by stunning hills, gardens, and tea plantations.  Known as the “land of a thousand hills,” the nation’s history, stunning […]

Lagos Building Demolitions: An Avoidable Exercise or a Legal Imperative?

Photo of a building under demolition | Image source: Pexel The recent surge in building demolitions, orchestrated by both the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and the Lagos state government, has ignited substantial controversy within the state. Thousands of buildings have succumbed to the jaws of unfeeling bulldozers, leaving many people homeless and transforming landlords into […]

Are Venture Capital Investments what Africa really needs at these moments?

  Retrieved from: Business Elite Africa Last year November, I had the opportunity to join a round table discussion with Ministers of Finance, Central Bank Governors, top investors, and investment firms in the African continent. Some of the key issues being discussed were the role of private-sector investments in driving sustainable growth across Africa. Private […]

No Bootstraps: Why African entrepreneurs are the most resilient.

Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz It is almost very common nowadays to read glamorous articles on Techstars or TechCabal describing how an African startup raised millions of Venture capital dollars in funding rounds. The Ideology that the African market possesses an untapped potential for unprecedented returns has succeeded fairly well in swaying the hearts of Western […]