From Taboo to Education: Can a witchcraft curriculum help redeem Africa’s cultural identity?

Ifa Divination tray & tools | Sasha Cobra Author: Felix Wisdom Onyedikachi So recently, I stumbled across a post on a particular blog, and I couldn’t help but smile at the headline that halted my endless scrolling at that moment. Apparently, a Nigerian professor was advocating the introduction of a “Department of Witchcraft” and a […]

What’s with the suit and tie anyway?

Author: Adejumobi Agunloye I imagine Africa as a woman who decides to celebrate young professionals for their global achievements by inviting them to a lavish dinner party. The doctors tear apart the huge fish on their plates as they talk about their favorite nurses. The lawyers laugh over wine that’s older than their grandparents, who are […]

How Societal Framework negatively Influences the Nigerian Society

Photo by Muhammad Taha Ibrahim Ma’aji on Unsplash Society is a network of relationships of people who share common institutions and cultures. It is the web of companionship and interactions among human beings that involve sharing common economic, social, and cultural values and undertakings among others.  Given these definitions, it is justifiable to refer to Nigeria […]