Unlocking Africa’s agriculture potentials through Intra-African Trade.

  Photo Credit: Lukman Yusuf Africa is blessed with an abundance of natural and human resources and it is imperative to leverage these resources to create sustainable wealth and improve the living standards of its people. One effective method is through intra-African trade. According to UNCTAD, in 2021, intra-African trade accounted for only 14.4% of total […]

Are Venture Capital Investments what Africa really needs at these moments?

  Retrieved from: Business Elite Africa Last year November, I had the opportunity to join a round table discussion with Ministers of Finance, Central Bank Governors, top investors, and investment firms in the African continent. Some of the key issues being discussed were the role of private-sector investments in driving sustainable growth across Africa. Private […]

How Societal Framework negatively Influences the Nigerian Society

Photo by Muhammad Taha Ibrahim Ma’aji on Unsplash Society is a network of relationships of people who share common institutions and cultures. It is the web of companionship and interactions among human beings that involve sharing common economic, social, and cultural values and undertakings among others.  Given these definitions, it is justifiable to refer to Nigeria […]