What does the current Investment landscape look like in Nigeria?

Lagos, Nigeria: Spiegel Often referred to as the “Giant of Africa,” Nigeria has always presented opportunities for investors. With its vast natural resources, growing population, and strategic location, the country has attracted both domestic and foreign investors seeking to capitalize on its potential. However, in recent years, there has been a noticeable trend of investors […]

Prospects of Renewable Energy in Nigeria

  Industries with greenhouse gas emissions: pixels.com In 2020, global energy demand plummeted by 4% due to grounded flights, idled factories, and home lockdowns for commuters. However, amid this downturn, a specific sector in the world’s electricity markets demonstrated resilience and growth. According to a recent report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the generation […]

Tourism: Is Rwanda really worth the hype?

Travelers tracking majestic Silverback gorilla: Butterfield  Rwanda is fast becoming one of Africa’s economic powerhouse despite its relatively small population, the mountainous country is situated in central Africa and its beautiful landscapes are green and encompassed by stunning hills, gardens, and tea plantations.  Known as the “land of a thousand hills,” the nation’s history, stunning […]

Changing Lives: Dora Moono Nyambe’s Mission for Rural Kids in Zambia

Dora Moono Nyambe – The Sun Prior to 2011, Zambia dazzled as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, proudly ascending to lower-middle-income nation status. However, the economic narrative took an unexpected turn, plunging into a consistent decline, reaching one of its worst moments in 2020 during the global pandemic. Despite the prevailing gloom with a […]